If you want to go fast, these are the wheels you need. Our Aero disc brake range is new for 2019 and builds on the success of our Fast and Light series. Our Fast and Light series was popular as they were exactly that, and they were affordable.
Our Aero series takes the Fast and Light blueprint and makes it lighter. You’ll be saving around 100g per wheelset with the Aero range. We managed to do that by changing the carbon fiber layup on our rims. The FL range solely used Toray T700 carbon fiber, and the Aero rims use a mix of Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber.
The mixing of carbon fiber still allowed us to keep the modern, blunt aero shape and provide a rim that is tubeless ready. As they are tubeless ready, we have made them a little wider to allow you to get the full benefit from wider tires and lower air pressure.
You’ll also be able to pick hubs that suit you and your budget. The Aero range is available with our own sealed bearing D01 disc brake hub; this is used on the most affordable versions of our Aero wheels. If you fancy something different, you can then pick from a pair of DT Swiss hubs. You can pick their affordable 350S hub or the lighter 240S hub.
Whichever style of hub you pick we lace these wheels with the best spokes available. All of our Aero wheels feature Sapim CX-Ray spokes. These aero spokes lead the industry in lightweight and strong spokes.

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